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Five ways to display your printed calendar

So you’ve just created your photo calendar and as it’s slowly rolling out of your printer, you’re thinking how you could best showcase your masterpiece? Thinking the same thing on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I tried to come up with a few ways to display your calendar:
















Frame it

A picture frame is a great way to have your calendar sit on your desk, shelf or hang on your wall. Just make sure the frame is the right size.

















Place it in a sign holder

A sign holder is another nice way to display a calendar. While it’s probably not something you already have lying around, they can be bought in any office supplies store.

















Stick it on your fridge

What better place to have a calendar than on your refrigerator, held up by a magnet or two?













Hang it on your wall with a binder clip
A binder clip has many uses. This is one of them…

















Hang it on a cord

Another easy way is to make two holes in your calendar, run a cord through them and tie the ends together.




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